Lista de Comandos Elfbot NG - Diversos

Olá! Esta lista serve para você que já entende um pouco de programação de scripts para Elfbot NG, nesta lista iremos listar todos os comandos no quesito diversos.
  • allowwalk {item1} {item2}... - allows the client/bot to auto-walk on a certain item id;
  • altnavdisplay - an alternative way of displaying navigation friends and enemies;
  • clear $varname - it's the same as doing set $variablename 0;
  • collectitems {backpack} {item1} {item2}... - collects items;
  • connect {worldname} {accname} {accpass} {charname};
  • copyscreen - will copy the current content of the Tibia window to the clipboard;
  • dec $varname - it's the same as doing set $variablename [$variablename-1];
  • disallowwalk {item1} {item2}... - disallows the client/bot to auto-walk on a certain item id;
  • displaymap - displays a big minimap on your screen, really useful if you're using navigation.;
  • displaytext {text} - displays a text message on your screen;
  • dontlist - use this if you don't want to list a certain auto bind;
  • end - ends the execution of your bind, and restarts it;
  • exec {string} - will execute a certain command;
  • exivalast - exivas the last person you exivaed;
  • exivatarget - exivas your target;
  • filewrite {filename} {text} - writes some text to a file, but does not add a new line afterwards;
  • filewriteline {filename} {text} - writes text and inserts a line break afterwards in the file;
  • filedelete {filename} - deletes a file;
  • flash - makes a flash, like alarms does;
  • gamesay {text} - says something in game-chat;
  • guildsay {text} - says something in guild-chat;
  • helpsay {text} - says something in help-channel;
  • inc $varname - it's the same as doing set $variablename [$variablename+1];
  • ignoretarget {creature} - ignores a target;
  • keepmagwall - will keep shooting a magwall on the square you last attempted to shot a magwall on;
  • listas {text} - lists a auto bind with a custom text;
  • listboxsetup {id} {posx} {posy} {maxlines} {linetime} {direction} - sets up a listbox;
  • listboxaddline {id} {colorR} {colorG} {colorB} {linetext} - adds a text to an specified listbox's ID;
  • log {text} - logs a text on a new line to the file 'elfscript.log' along with the current time and date;
  • logout - makes you logout;
  • magwall {creature} - shoots a magwall two squares in front of a creature;
  • makerune {mp} {runespell} - creates a certain rune;
  • mwallshield - shoots a magic wall in the square that will most effectively shield you from enemy fire;
  • mwallcover {creature} - shoot a magic wall which will best cover a creature of your choice to prevent enemies shooting/healing him;
  • npcsay - says something in the npc-chat;
  • playsound {soundfilename} - plays a .wav file from your Elfbot folder;
  • pm {playername} {text} - private messages a message to a certain player;
  • reconnect - reconnects you;
  • rlsay {text} - says something in the real-life chat;
  • savescreen {filename} - saves the current contents of the Tibia window to a file on disk;
  • say {text} - says something in your default chat;
  • scrollview - makes it possible to look off-screen;
  • set $varname {value} - creates a new variable/assigns a new value to an already existing one;
  • setcaption {text} - changes the text of your Tibia Client's window;
  • setcolor {colorR} {colorG} {colorB} - sets the color of the 'displaytext' command;
  • setpos {x} {y} - sets the position for a 'displaytext' command;
  • seticonactive {iconname} {timems} - puts an icon into the active state for a certain amount of time;
  • seticontext {iconname} {text} - adds extra text to an icon;
  • spydown - spies down one level;
  • spyup - spies up one level;
  • statusmessage {text};
  • tradesay {text} - says something in the trade-channel;
  • turnoff - turns an auto bind off;
  • xlog - x-logs you out of the game;
Em breve outros quesitos de comandos... Aguardem...

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coloca ae attack target mano

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